Some of the random, non-musical stuff I've accumulated over the years.


Some of the best wisdom I have ever found comes from Alan Watts.
"If white must win, black must lose. But if black loses, we can congratulate black for having helped white to win. 'Cause unless black loses, white won't win."

I tend to focus on subject areas that influence my way of thinking, not what I do. Because thinking comes before doing.

The art of asking
    What the world really looks like
        Why dieting usually doesn't work
            What airbrushing is actually capable of
                The story about US food waste
                    Wealth inequality in America
                        The innovation of loneliness
                            True friendship is healthy


I prefer landscapes.

▪  衡山 (héngshān)
泰山 (tàishān)
▪  华山 (huáshān)
▪  黄山 (huángshān)