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So, you're probably wondering what I can do. Time to shoot some bullets.

If anything here sounds like something you'd want or need, feel free to message me with your ideas!

Printing   examples

▪ Sheet music engraving  digitizing a musical score into clean, printable, and editable format

        ▪ Part making  extracting specific instruments/voices from a score, digitized or not
        ▪ Orchestrating  adding or changing instruments/voices of a score after digitizing
        ▪ Transposing  transposing scores after digitizing
        ▪ Transcribing  direct transcription of simple music from an audio recording to a digital score
        ▪ Editing
                     violin/piano   adding fingerings and/or bowings
                     composition/arranging   optimizing orchestration for playability

            Please remember to mention any special requests including page formats/layouts, special fonts, etc. I will not be responsible for obtaining legal permissions for usage of materials.


▪ Original compositions  styles are mostly classical (primarily romantic, also baroque and classical periods), with possible fusion from jazz (American), world (Latin, African), pop (cabaret, broadway), as well as graphic and aleatoric scores

        ▪ For live instruments  examples
                    ▪  experience with standard western orchestral instruments as well as acoustic guitar
                    ▪  for non-standard instruments, please provide detailed written description and/or example video explaining how it is built, tuned, and played.
                    ▪  music can be composed for solo, chamber or even larger ensembles

        ▪ For synthesized instruments  examples
                    ▪  realistic orchestral and choral sound banks
                    ▪  keyboards, drums, samplers, synthesizers, etc.
                    ▪  piano and extended piano

            Please remember to mention the style, number of instruments, names of instruments, length of composition, difficulty level, etc.


▪ Musical arrangements  rewriting an existing musical composition for additional or different instruments

        ▪ By score  writing an arrangement with the original score in hand
        ▪ By transcription  transcribing simple music by ear and then spinning off an arrangement

            Unlike literal printing, compositional liberties will be taken for arrangements. I will not be responsible for acquiring legal permissions.

        ▪ For live instruments  example
        ▪ For synthesized instruments  example
        ▪ For a mixture of live and synthesized instruments

Social media

▪ Content management  uploading, tagging, and linking of media files to relevant social media websites  example
        Appropriate access permissions or credentials will be required. Exceptions include sites featuring special artist pages which can be managed by multiple personal accounts, like Youtube and Facebook.

▪ Account setup  creation of a new social media account on an artist's behalf  example
        Please be aware that I will not be responsible for actual usage of the created account, such as posting status messages and answering fan questions.

▪ Website setup  basic but effective website creation using Google Sites  example
        Google Sites can be managed by multiple personal accounts, so account credentials are unnecessary. However, I will not be purchasing domains, though I can still help with setting them up.


▪ Audio  field or onsite recording including audition tapes, studio classes, formal or informal recitals and masterclasses
▪ Photo  concert photos before and after performances, artist portraits, etc.
▪ Video  single or multiple static camera angles according to artist preferences and/or physical layout of performance space

        Locations in or around the NYC metropolitan area are very much preferred.


▪ Audio  basic mastering of audio recordings including normalization, silences and fades, ambiance, and splicing, as well as various effects  example
▪ Photo  simple image manipulation primarily for flyers with photos and text, as well as optimizing for file size limits  example
▪ Video  basic video editing including title screens and logos, fades and cropping, brightness and color balance, splicing and multiple camera angles example

Performance / Coaching

▪ Violin or piano performance: chamber settings are preferred
▪ Coaching instrumentalists and/or ensembles, primarily on musical interpretation, especially phrasing and dynamism