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I wonder, is it humble or hubris to refer to myself in the third person?

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          James Wu (b. 1988) is a versatile composer who has a deep interest in music of the Romantic era of Western classical music. While his musical influences are not very much different from the vast world experience presented to any composer living in the 21st century via the Internet, he strives to understand and communicate, both to and from, the heart and soul of music; in essence, music that cannot truly be expressed in rambunctious words or mathematical equations, yet fulfills the senses in a way which profoundly exclaims: what would life be without music?

          Born in Shanghai, China, Mr. Wu came to New York as a young boy studying violin and piano. While he was always interested in creating music, it did not truly become a craft until he finally entered Mannes College, from which he has now earned a BM in violin performance and MM in composition.